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About IFS

Metrix is the world leader in service management software. We offer the best, most affordable and complete service management solutions for product-based businesses to help automate and streamline their service processes for enhanced customer service, reduced operating costs and significantly increased revenue. Most of our clients realize an astounding 23% increase in revenue using Metrix. This is unheard of in the software industry, but this is what has catapulted Metrix to number one in our space.

Advance Your Service with Metrix

Since 1982 we have been 100 percent focused on service management software, and over the years we have perfected our software suite to provide your organization with all of the tools and capabilities it needs to optimize its service business.  Metrix Service Management software has far and away the deepest functionality in the industry.

Our software's configurable workflow includes hundreds of pre-built routines to automate complex service delivery processes and to enable rapid, reasonably-priced implementations. Metrix uses XML to easily integrate back-office legacy applications, financial systems and other business software. We also provide Web portals for enabling customer self-service, third-party service provider outsourcing, and contracted field service dispatch and debrief. Learn more about Metrix Service Management software.

Powering Mobile Service Management

Our premier mobile field service software, Metrix Mobile, is more than a mobile application – it’s a mobile framework. This framework gives you the out-of-the-box ability to create any type of mobile field service application you want. Metrix Mobile features extensive field force automation functionality and the integration flexibility to inter-operate with leading ERP, CRM and legacy applications from Oracle (including PeopleSoft & JDE), SAP, Microsoft and Siebel Systems. For your mobile workforce management, there is no better choice than Metrix Mobile. Learn more about our mobile field service software.